A short history of the early years of Muhammad




In 610 AD, Muhammad began receiving his revelations form Allah and preaching them to the people of Mecca.  For 10 yrs., his followers numbered less than 100.  During that time Muhammad was protected by his wealthy wife and his powerful uncle.  Preaching publicly, Muhammad ridiculed the other gods of Mecca.  Mecca was a pagan town with over 600 gods, and everyone accepted each other’s gods.  For ten years, Muhammad’s mocking of the other gods created hostility in the town.  He was mocked in return, but no violence was inflicted upon him.  Many of his few followers who not protected by his wife and uncle fled to Medina. After the death of his wife and uncle, Muhammad also left for Medina.  Muhammad began raiding caravans passing Medina going to Mecca.  Promising treasures and slaves, to anyone with a sword, his followers quickly grew in number.  Gathering more and more military power, he chased two Jewish tribes out of Medina. The third tribe resisted his aggression in a battle, and 800 of their men were beheaded (one by one in front of him) and their wives and children sold into slavery. The Meccans finally had enough of Muhammad’s piracy and attacked Medina.  The Meccans lost the battle, and a ten-year treaty was agreed upon between Mecca and Medina.  After only two years, Muhammad broke the treaty with a surprise attach on Mecca.  Muhammad beheaded his personal enemies in Mecca and destroyed the idols.  Now controlling Mecca, Muhammad returned to his base in Medina and participated in another thirty raids and battles. By the time Muhammad died, he and his followers had conquered all of the Arabian Peninsula.