Board Presentation:

“Deceptions in our Textbooks”

By Rev. Bruce R. Leonatti”

(The following text is taken from a power point presentation.)

Quoting a famous line from,

The old NASA space moon missions.

Houston, we have a problem.

The Problem is the textbook.

The problem is not the teachers.

Let me repeat, to be very clear.

The problem is not the teachers.

But this Textbook Problem has a source.

This is an Illustration of the source and cause of this problem.  “Intimidation and Fear”

Blasphemy and Free Speech by Paul Marshell, Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom. March, 2012, p. 4

“Random House rejected at the last minute a

historical romance novel about Muhammad’s wife titled Jewel of Medina, by American writer Sherry Jones. They did so to protect the safety of the author, employees of Random House, booksellers and anyone else who would be involved in distribution and sale of the novel.”

This textbook is the problem.

And this textbook problem,

Is an elephant in the room.

Some will deny it.

Some will diminish it.

Some will try to ignore it.

But the elephant has not gone away.

And, it is an elephant.  Why?

Because of the size of the lies inside.

And because of the  consistent pattern,

Of deception in the textbook.

The Result is:

This textbook is an Islamic Trojan horse.

A Trojan horse of deception,

In our Classrooms.


When there is a pattern of deception,

When there is a consistency of deception,

Then there is a clear malice by intention.

While many are sleeping,

Like the citizens of Troy.

Others are in the State of Denial, while,

Our children’s minds are being invaded.

If the pen is mightier than the Sword,

Then these deceptions are like bullet holes.

Upon finding a bullet hole,

In a classroom window.

Would someone just ignore it?

Would someone just put gum in it.

Or put tape over it?  Or,

Would someone try to find out who did this?

Would someone tell the School Board?

Or like the little Dutch boy.

Would someone just put a finger,

In the hole in the dyke of Truth,

As a quick fix.

And the problem is greater,

Than a just a few minor flaws,


And the problem is greater,

Than just a few accidental errors.

Realizing that the errors are spread though,

A clear pattern of deception emerges,

That reveals an agenda of propaganda.

When there is a consistency of huge bias,

That Bias becomes a bully in the classroom.

Bias is an academic gorilla in the classroom.

Putting this all together,

As in my Review of this Textbook,

My World History.

We see the tracks of deceit.

Some may quickly shout, “Islamophobia”

But the real problem here is fear of fear.

The fear of fear itself.

As Winston Churchill said,

About another kind of totalitarianism.

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Acting like a deer in the headlights,

Is not a solution.

Because when people fear,

They freeze up and do nothing,

Or very little.

The defense against:

The flood of billions of dollars of oil money,

Into our American Educational Institutions,

Into Title VI programs, and into Publishing Houses.

The defense is not chicken wire.

In our little corner of the battlefield, Education.

The defense against the Bias bullets,

The defense against the Trojan trickery,

The plug in the hole of academic honesty.

Is a strong, clear, defined, curriculum,

Leaning objectives are an important part of the curriculum,

Learning Objectives are like scud missiles.

And the word scud means very, very swift.

So then by analogy,

–missiles to objectives-

Very swift and very accurate objectives,

Are just what is needed.

The following is statement about writing professional objectives.

Introduction to Teaching, (Becoming a Professional) by D. Kauchak & P. Eggen, Pearson Prentice Hall, Third Edition, 2008, p. 380

“Although deciding what is important to study is an essential first step, teachers must also answer a second question: What do I want my students to know or be able to do with respect to the topic?  The answer to this question is a learning objective.  Clear learning objectives are essential because they guide the rest of the decisions teachers make during both planning and instruction. Without clear objectives, teachers won’t know how to design their learning activities, nor can they create accurate assessments.  Objectives also guide teachers as they implement their learning activities.  When learning activities are unsuccessful, it can often be traced back to teachers’ not being clear about their objectives.”

A well-written professional objective,

Is a strong defense against propaganda.

If the objectives are:

Clear, defined, and measurable,

With common sense wording,

That a parent can understand.

We will then have a strong defense.

I was told there were no previous objectives.

But the present objectives,

Of the Islamic related units,

Are not clear, defined, and measurable.

There is not a doubt in my mind,

About the abilities, skills or qualifications,

Of the staff and administration.

This can be accomplished.

Professional objectives can be written.

The question is?

Will this be done?

This School Board is responsible for,

The accountability, and supervision,

Of professional learning objectives.

Finally: The American Academy of Religion,

A source of administrative policy at Norwin.

Referring to the teaching of,

Religion in the classroom it says,

Teaching religion must not promote,

A specific religion over others.

As my review of this textbook points out.

This textbook promotes,

Islam over Christianity and Judaism

And the American Academy of Religion also says,

Teaching religion must not denigrate any religion.

As pointed out in my Review,

This textbook denigrates Christians.

Many like to hold high the banner of,

Separation of Church and State.

But without professional objectives,

Many of the words of this textbook,

Become Islamic pulpits in our classrooms.

Islamic devotional instruction in our classes.

I have reviewed,

All of the other Social Studies Textbooks,

In Islamic related areas.

The problem is systemic,

The problem is widespread,

And through out.

Like a cancer.


I would request that the Board vote to,

Ask the Middle and Secondary,

Social Studies Curriculum Committees,

To re-write the learning objectives of,

The Islamic related units.

Houston, we still have a problem.

And this problem is a threat to the success of,

Our mission of Education in the Norwin,

School District,

But by working together,

We can control the damage,

And complete the mission, successfully.

My personal goal as a teacher of History

Teach the Truth,

Teach the whole Truth,

Teach nothing but the truth,

So help me God.