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National Security Watchdog Briefs Florida’s Palm Beach County

School Board on Islam Bias in its District’s K-12 Public-School Textbooks


Calls on Board Members to Reject Seriously Tainted Texts


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – April 12, 2012.  School Board members of Florida’s Palm Beach County school district, the 11th largest in the United States, were directly confronted in public for the first time about Islam-biased textbooks in their system by Citizens For National Security (CFNS), a Florida-based nonprofit and nonpartisan public charity. Dr. William A. Saxton, CFNS’s Chairman, presented clear and blatant examples of manipulation of textbook content that enhances Islam while demeaning Christianity, Judaism, Israel and America.


Although he was there specifically to oppose the County’s local adoption and purchase of the 2013 world history textbook known as “World History” by Ellis et al, published by Pearson Prentice Hall, Dr. Saxton told Board members that he felt similarly about all Islam-slanted textbooks. “Our organization has performed research on K-12 history and geography textbooks for over three years and published the results in two landmark documents,” Dr. Saxton said. “We have found considerable misinformation, bias and omissions in the content of certain textbooks used in Palm Beach County and elsewhere in the past – and now including this new proposed textbook,”  he pointed out.


Dr. Saxton alerted School Board members to his group’s recently released resource for teachers – a 91-page user-friendly Teacher’s Guide for correcting the many errors and omissions contained in a wide variety of textbooks. It addresses the pro-Islam, anti-Israel, and anti-West language of the Pearson textbook which his group opposes, as well as other flawed textbooks, he told the Board. Copies were handed out to its members.


When Dr. Saxton concluded, the stunned School Board openly discussed his statement for almost 25 minutes. According to veteran observers in the crowded public gallery, this was an unusual occurrence for that type of School Board meeting. The Board was most hospitable and courteous to Dr. Saxton, with members commending and thanking him on several occasions for bringing the textbook matter to their attention.


CFNS was pleased to learn that if the Pearson textbook does ultimately get used in Palm Beach County, its curriculum specialists will convene “professional development” training for teachers who will be briefed about the pro-Islam and anti-Israel misinformation and intentional omissions, and that the cornerstone for these sessions will be his organization’s “Teacher’s Guide for Corrections to Islam-Biased Content in Florida’s K-12 Textbooks.”


Previously, CFNS had succeeded in convincing Palm Beach County school officials not to purchase “Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction,” a Houghton-Mifflintextbook, arguably the most egregious of all Islam-biased high-school textbooks in America. CFNS had also played a major role in getting an agreement from publisher McGraw-Hill to make requested content changes regarding Islam and Israel in its new textbook, “World Geography and Cultures.”


Dr. Saxton vowed to continue the battle against biased K-12 textbooks until they are either corrected or taken out of public-school classrooms. For a full copy of “Corrections to Islam-Biased Content in Florida’s K-12 Textbooks: Teacher’s Guide,” please click on or go to



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