The Essence of Islam


The following is a short encapsulation of Islam:


  1. Prior to the 7th century (the 600s) the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula were a fairly peaceful people.
  2. The Quraysh tribe of Mecca lived in a small enclave on one of the lesser trade routes of the time which contained a pagan shrine to a number of stone idols where visitors would stop to worship – the primary of which was called “Allah.”  The visitors made offerings to the idols (which the Meccans pocketed), and also paid the Meccans for other needed essentials.  The keepers who profited from the pagan shrine were the uncles of a youth called Muhammad.
  3. Muhammad was orphaned at an early age when his father died and his mother disowned him.  He was brought up by one of his Uncles and his Grandfather and is reputed to have been badly mistreated.  He traveled with his Grandfather on trading caravans.
  4. When Muhammad came of age, he married an older woman who ran a trading caravan out of Mecca.  Along with his Uncle and Grandfather, she became his patron and protector (the mother he always wanted).  Together, she and Muhammad schemed to take over the pagan idol concession by having Muhammad claim to be the “prophet” of the primary idol – called “Allah.”
  5. The Meccans (and his relatives) laughed and derided him and eventually ran him out of town; and caused him to settle in Medina, where the Jewish “Yathrib” tribe resided.
  6. Here the illiterate Muhammad learned about the Jewish Torah & Christian Bible and their host of “prophets.”  Muhammad purchased written stories from the Yathrib Jews and then sought to make himself the last of the “prophets” of “the Book.”  In an effort to validate his claim, he declared that he had flown to Mount Moriah in Jerusalem in a vision and was transported to heaven (this is the reason for the Islamic “Dome of the Rock;” & how Jews & Christians became “the people of the Book;” & how any of the “good” biblical references became a part of the Qur’an; & why many early Muslim prayer Quiblahs pointed toward Jerusalem rather than to Mecca).
  7. When Muhammad sought to obtain (or purchase) the assistance of the Yathrib Jews in his claim to be the last “prophet” of “the Book,” they also laughed and derided him (The Jews & the Meccans would soon pay a price for their laughter & derision).
  8. Because he still wanted to take over the pagan idol concession in Mecca, the illiterate Muhammad again claimed to be the last “prophet” of the (Judeo/Christian) “Book” and that (the stone idol)  “Allah” was his god; and he began to preach throughout the countryside about his “prophetic” dreams and visions.
  9. Muhammad was able to convince a band of brigands in the hills surrounding Medina that he was the last “prophet” and “Messiah” that the Jews were waiting for; and that they would profit handsomely by raiding Meccan caravans if they followed him.  (Muhammad’s assertion became the basis of the claim that the Torah and the Bible had been corrupted by the Jews & Christians and justified Jihad against them).  In these actions, Muhammad sought to pressure the Meccans into making an accommodation with him over the operation of the pagan idol concession in Mecca – which they eventually did in an effort to stop the caravan raids.  Muhammad agreed to renounce his god “Allah” and worship the other Meccan idols; and the Meccans agreed to worship his idol “Allah” on a reciprocal agreed upon timetable – and all done in exchange for a partnership in the Meccan idol concession.
  10. Muhammad had to renounce the arrangement and claim that Satan had put the words in his mouth when his followers objected to the terms because they invalidated his claim to be the final “prophet” of “the Book” and that his god was “Allah.” [This event (plus an early declaration by Muhammad that he had been terrified and possessed by an evil spirit during one of his usual solitary vision-seeking meditations within a dark cave) form the core of the iniquitous passages of the Qur’an known as the “Satanic Verses” of Salmon Rushdie’s death sentence notoriety].
  11. To make a long story short, Muhammad fared badly raiding the Meccan caravans and had to resort to first threatening the Yathrib Jews and forcing them to pay a tax against attack (which later became known as the “jizya” tax for all non-believers); and then attacking, seizing their property and killing them.  The same fate awaited the people of Mecca for rebuffing him.
  12. Needless to say, when Muhammad ran out of places to plunder, he had to expand his area of operations to keep the boys satisfied.  Those who were conquered could “submit” and join; or pay the “jizya” tax.  Each time the troops became restless, new “prophetic” dreams and visions were concocted that were tailored to keep Muhammad in power and ensure the continued “submission” of his subjects.  Death in battle with the unending service of young maids in heaven was the ultimate reward.  Moderation was ridiculed.  Questioning or renouncing his (Islamic) teachings, or converting to Christianity, carried a sentence of death.   Lying, cheating, stealing, raping, killing, breaking peace treaties, constraints against discussing Islam with infidels or comparing Islam to other religions – nothing was exempt from the need of Islam to expand and conquer – and when there was nothing left to conquer — to fight amongst themselves for what was left.
  13. After Muhammad’s unforeseen death, all of his lieutenants fought for the leadership of the “caliphate” of terror, rape, death and destruction that Muhammad had concocted; and each one sought to be the ruling Caliph.
  14. The resulting rulers of the leading Arab “Caliphates” knew a good thing when they saw it, and within the next two hundred years, adopted Muhammad as the only true “prophet” of “Allah.”  Since Islam had evolved out of an “oral” and not a “written” tradition, a compilation of Muhammad’s life and sayings would be required to continue the scam, and the placement of the life and “oral” sayings of the “prophet” within the Qur’an did not have to be in any chronological order.  Muslims have also insisted on confining the Qur’an to Religious Arabic – a language that is so difficult to learn with its complex grammar and antiquated vocabulary, that it is ranked second by linguists to Chinese.  What better way to foster confusion and keep their uneducated (or even better educated) people in “submission” to their will – and also expand their areas of influence.
  15. One of the problems that Islamic leaders have today is that the moderate and more educated Muslims now have access to the Internet.  Here they can learn that the Qur’an evolved out of a chronological written collection of the life and “oral” sayings of Muhammad contained within Ishaq’s “Sira” (or Biography);  Tabari’s “Ta’rikh” (or history of Islam – called “Sunnah”) and the Hadith collections (or oral reports of Muhammad and his companions) compiled by Bukhari and Muslim.   The collection had to first be compiled for the leading Caliphs in order to write the Qur’an (“the ‘new’ Book”).  When these are read in chronological order, Islam is exposed for what it is; therefore, any thorough chronological study of the Qur’an and Islam is harshly impugned and discouraged.
  16. One of the claims of the Imams of Islam today is that the record of Muhammad’s “oral” tradition has come directly from Allah and has never changed over time (and that is what makes it superior to the Judeo/Christian traditions).  The problem here is that a set of old records exists in Munich, Germany, (that originated from early 20th Century German scholarship and photocopies taken of old copies of the Qur’an in the Middle East, North Africa [Morocco] and Europe); and also from photocopies taken in Yemen in the 1980s (that the Islamic state will not now release for public examination), that differ from the current construction, and prove conclusively (through prior expert analysis of the microfilm copies) that the writings of the Qur’an have evolved over time – and are therefore not the unchanging and unwavering word of “Allah.”
  17. The foundation of Islamic teaching is based upon the view that God chose Arabs because they had good memories, and forms the basis for the rationale that the Qur’an couldn’t be changed the way the Torah and the Bible were corrupted by the Jews and Christians (to suit the needs of Muhammad).
  18. 18.     The essential underlying tenet of the world’s major religions is that man’s primary aspiration should be to gain the acceptance and reward of a peaceful and loving God through personal growth in peace and love toward one and all.
  19. In contrast, the essence of Islam evolves from Muhammad’s desire to be accepted as the last “prophet” and “Messiah” that the Jews were waiting for – a desire that led him to purchase the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible from them; and to include their teachings of peace and love within the pages of the Qur’an.  To justify his contention, those teachings in the Torah and the Bible that contradicted his claim to be the last “prophet” and “Messiah,” had to be disparaged and derided as corrupted and unworthy of acceptance; and anyone who refused to accept that premise was deemed to be an infidel deserving of subjugation and death.  (When Muhammad twisted the Biblical accounts to serve his interests, the Jews in Yathrib, today’s Medina, mocked him; and, in doing so, they unwittingly unleashed the birth of Jihad).
  20. In pointing to the Biblical passages of peace and love included within the Qur’an, moderate Muslims today desire to define those references as a Jihad of the spirit; and, at the same time, choose to ignore the central construct of Islam – the Jihad of submission, subjugation, destruction and death – fighting against the infidel in Allah’s cause.
  21. It would be illogical and irrational to think that an understanding and loving God would shift from a reliance on literate Jewish prophets to a single illiterate Arab, and renounce love and peace – in favor of hate and war.
  22. Islam is a geopolitical dogma of death and destruction masquerading as a “religion,” that is constructed for the exclusive benefit of the leaders of Islamic Caliphates in their desire to control their people, keep them in a state of constant “submission,” and expand their areas of influence – through the subjugation and death of infidels.
  23. So much for the “religion” of “peace.”




The web links below are provided in order to verify and add emphasis and reinforcement to the encapsulation of Islam provided above:


The following link is a Wall Street Journal article written by Andrew Higgins on “The Lost Archive” of early Qur’anic texts that were photocopied both prior and subsequent to the Second World War, and that indicate that Qur’anic texts have changed over time.


In contrast to the above link, two divergent views on its presentation are provided:        1) The viewpoint of the uninformed Muslim [considered a “Dimi” or useful idiot (along with uninformed Judeo/Christians) by the fundamentalist Muslims]; and 2) The viewpoint of a more radicalized fundamentalist Muslim:


Among other things, the following link, taken from the Imprimus Archives of Hillsdale College, provides verification that reinforces the concept that the Qur’an is deliberately not written in chronological order.


The link below provides an additional perspective with respect to “Islamic” political views and beliefs. It should be noted that it was the Germans who found, studied, microfilmed, and concluded that the original early 20th Century and later 1980s Yemeni Qur’anic texts were divergent from the current construction, and were therefore at variance with the adamant Islamic claim that Muhammad’s “oral” tradition has come directly from Allah and has never changed over time.  This information was kept hidden during WWII to ensure Arab Islamic allegiance to the Third Reich.  Although several articles have been published that allude to the existence of the texts, they have been held in cautious reservation since then due to fear of retribution by Islamic extremists and rogue nations.


The Grand Mufti of Palestine and Hitler hid the early 20th Century Qur’anic archive because they knew that its exposure would work to undermine the tenets of Islam and lead to its eventual destruction.




From the “Prophet of Doom” by Craig Winn:


[“The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint prove that the words of the Torah, Psalms, and Prophets did not change during the thousand years preceding Islam—or in the fourteen hundred years since. And twenty-five thousand New Testament fragments and scrolls dating to more than five hundred years before the earliest surviving Qur’an testify that the Gospels remain basically unaltered.


Islam is a doctrine of intolerance.  Terror and the outrageous curtailment of human liberties lie at the heart of this doctrine.  Force and brutality are the tools of submission.  Islam tolerates no rival and will be imposed on any conflicting doctrine by brutal force.  The doctrine praises every pacifist. Those who promote peace with Islam simply facilitate its conquests.  Our leaders haven’t cracked the covers of the terrorist manifesto that is motivating killers today (and if they have and remain silent, they are then complicit).   Americans negotiate with Saudis, Egyptians, Iranians, and the so-called Palestinians without having read the Qur’an, Ta’rikh or Hadith.  America is likely to comfort the terrorists and attack those with the courage to thwart them.


From the Book of Jihad, on page 580 of Maktba Dar-us-Salam’s publication of Sahih Al-Bukhari: “Jihad is holy fighting in Allah’s Cause with full force of weaponry. It is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its Pillars. By Jihad Islam is established, Allah is made superior and He becomes the only God who may be worshiped. By Jihad Islam is propagated and made superior. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and Muslims fall into an inferior position. Their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, and Muslim rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim. He who tries to escape this duty dies as a hypocrite.”

Memorize this paragraph. Repeat it out to all who will listen. Every word was derived from the Qur’an. Every word was lived by Muhammad. It accurately represents fundamental Islam, so much so, each of the 150 Hadiths that follow this definition of Jihad speak of fighting; none suggest a spiritual struggle. Among them, Muhammad says that the most important deed is Jihad, fighting in Allah’s Cause. (Bukhari:V4B52N44) And the Qur’an agrees, saying peaceful Muslims are hypocrites, destined for hell. They are “the worst of creatures,” “the most vile of animals.” (Qur’an surahs 3 and 33.)”


Religion was simply a tool, a veil, a distraction – a means to legitimize murder and mayhem.]



My own view is that:


Islam is openly declared to be the primal law in politics wherever it exists, and its proven predilection is “submission” of its subjects and expansion of its precepts into every land across the globe; hence, Islam must be seen as geographic in its requisite requirement for expansion and political in its obligatory inclusion within the fabric of all secular law.


Judeo-Christians embrace tolerance and peace for the sake of inclusion and diversity, and then say: “Let’s leave politics out of it” where Islam is concerned – but fail to see, in doing so, that the argument between the laws of Islam and the laws of God (and American Jurisprudence) is, thereby, already lost.  No small wonder that the devil has been called the great dissembler.