Norwin School District Policy 105.2

(Exemption from Religious Instruction)





Section 1. Purpose


Parents/Guardians have the right to have their children excused from specific instruction if that instruction conflicts with their religious beliefs.  Students age 18 and older also may request to be excused from instruction that conflicts with their religious beliefs.




Section 2. Responsibility


Requests must be made in writing to the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary or Secondary Education, signed and state the specific elements of instruction from which the student is to be excused.  The request must be submitted at least six (6) school days in advance of the instruction occurring and include the reason for the requesting the excusal.  The District will send copies of the request for inclusion in the students’ cumulative folder.


All students excused from instruction are required to achieve the academic standards established by the District and the State and those necessary for graduation.  The District will determine replacement educational activities.  It is the responsibility of the student to request permission to leave class when the specific instruction to which the parent has objected is to be presented, and when approval has been granted.