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On Tuesday, July 31st, CFNS spokesman Nick Martin briefed the Hillsborough County (Tampa/St. Petersburg) School Board about the Islam-biased textbooks in Florida’s public schools. It was the first time that its members had heard about this issue directly from CFNS. They were given the names of six textbooks, currently used in their own district, that contain passages demeaning Christianity, Judaism and America, while at the same time enhancing Islam. Martin also encouraged Board members to implement the use of the CFNS Teacher’s Guide designed to correct such content in addition to pointing out intentional Islam-related omissions for students directly in their classrooms.


Recently, CFNS Chairman Dr. William Saxton appeared before the Palm Beach County School Board for the same purpose. His efforts have resulted in PBC district decisions to cease purchasing a new edition of one of its Islam-slanted textbooks, get the publisher of another to correct such content, and to utilize CFNS’s Teacher’s Guide as a cornerstone in an internal teacher development program focused on the misinformation. CFNS’s campaign to bring such flawed textbooks to the attention of every county school board in Florida is well underway.


To view Nick Martin’s presentation, click on http://youtu.be/4MxpLptwqhA hereor type this link into your browser.