Here is the Islamic Textbook book templet. Christians are always bad and Muslims are always good. With all the horrible persecution that has been done by Muslim to Christians and Jews over 1400 years, not one word of that is ever mentioned  in any of the pages about the history of Islam. But that is the templet that publishers must follow or  “else”.  Example: “But the Catholic monarch’s crusade against Muslims in Spain led to terrible persecution of non-Christians.”  p. 674 My World History (Early Ages) And notice the connection of persecution with the word crusades. NOT ONE WORD IN THE ENTIRE BOOK (all 44 pages on Islam) ABOUT MUSLIMS PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS. Over and over, this works on 7th graders minds to form them into dhimmies.  A Dhimmie is a brain washed non-Muslim that is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.