In the textbook Muslims never massacred anyone, but Crusaders always massacre Muslims. The word massacre is never used as an action of Muslims in the textbook even when it is a fact.

“The Franks (along with KIng Richard I) then flung themselves upon them all at once and massacred them with sword and lance in cold blood.”  p.701 My World History    False.    The truth is this. 

First, there are no massacres in times of war upon soldiers because all battles were fought to the death.  The rule was take no prisoners.  However, prisoners were sometimes kept and offered for ransom, and that was the case after this battle.  These Muslim soldiers were offered for ransom after the battle, but the ransom option was ignored by the Muslims. Keeping these captured soldiers alive as prisoners was logistically impossible for the Crusaders.  But keeping prisoners after a battle was very possible and a common practice for Muslims because if they didn’t get a ransom, they just sold them into slavery.  Selling these prisoners into slavery was not an option for the Crusaders.  If you were a soldier of that time period, you risked being killed as a prisoner after a lose on the battle field.  To title this section of the textbook, “Massacre of Muslim Soldiers” is a false interpretation of this history.