“All around him (Muhammad) saw greed, corruption, and violence.”  p.452  My World History (Early Ages)

This statement is totally false. Mecca was not any more greedy, corrupt, and violent then any other Arabian town of that time.  And in general, Mecca was a very tolerant town toward other religions until Muhammad began Islam..  The shrine of the Kaaba housed over 600 idols of various religions with no conflicts among the worshipers. Muhammad grew up in the most dominate tribe of Mecca that profited most from the many worshipers of the shrine.  The textbook goes on to state, “Muhammad respected all religions. p.453, but then on the same page states, “Muhammad destroyed statues of the gods at the Kaaba and rededicated it as an Islamic holy site.  This is tolerance for other religions. The greed, corruption, and violence of Mecca is just and invention of the writers of the textbook to make Muhammad seem of a higher character then all the other religious people.

Reference:   http://www.religionofpeace.com,  The Myths of Muhammad