by Bill Korach

Lake Stevens, Washington.   Jeff Finrow, father of a 7th grader at the Lake Stevens Middle School filed a 28 page complaint against against History Alive, the Medieval World and Beyond. The complaint, filed in June with the school district, resulted in the suspension of History Alive from the classroom pending further review. Mr. Finrow stated in his complain that the textbook contained over 90 pages on the topic of Islam and most of it was undiluted praise for that religion. Only 21 pages were devoted to Roman Catholicism and the Reformation. Mr. Finrow stated that he and his family were not opposed to students learning about Islam, but he objected to what he characterized as “Islamic propaganda.” Mr. Finow cites many passages that are misleading, inaccurate or false. Two examples from Mr. Finrow are cited here.

As part of the lesson, Lake Stevens students were required to create hallway posters on the subject of the Pillars of Islam, a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.

“Pages 125  ’The Crusades were a terrible ordeal for many Muslims.  An unknown number of Muslims lost their lives in battles and massacres.  Crusaders also destroyed Muslim property.’  You can almost hear the writer cry with these words.  You can feel his pain, can’t you?  I thought I was reading a history book not an Islamic history book!!!!

Also, the term “massacre” is only reserved for Crusaders and Christians in this book and is never used for the Muslims who killed, in the period, 270 million non-Muslims (so much for them living in peace with everyone—You can’t live in peace and kill 270 million of the people they conquered).  Islam destroyed the Christian Middle East and Christian North Africa. It is estimated that upwards of 60 million Christians were slaughtered during this conquest.

In another section, the author characterizes Christian Europe as the enemy and Islam as the good guys during the Islamic wars of conquest against Europe . “Page 90 ‘In 711, Muslim armies began their conquest of present-day Spain.  However at the battle of Tours in 732, enemy forces under the Frankish King Charles Martell turned the Muslims back in west-central France.’  Notice the terms: “enemy forces.”  How can the French King defending his own country from foreign invaders be called an “enemy” unless the writer is a Muslim writing his own view of history devoid of any critical analysis?”

The answer to Mr. Finrow’s last question is easy to answer when you learn that the author of the Muslim propaganda in History Alive is Ayad Al Qazzazz, a California State Sacramento sociology professor and well known apologist for Islamic Jihad. In 2005, History Alive was removed from the Scottsdale, Arizona school system. Mr. Finrow’s victory 6 years later in Washington show that if parents and opponents of flawed, inaccurate textbooks fight back, the offending books can be removed.