It is no accident that the textbook My World History makes the statement, “All around him (Muhammad), he saw greed, corruption, and violence. p.452  From the very beginning, Muhammad preached that all non-Muslims are corrupt.  Introducing this concept to the 7th grader plants that seed.  As evidence, we hear from Iran regularly that the United States is corrupt.  Any departure from Islamic Law is corruption.  Living Sharia Law is the only state of being that is not corrupt.  Non-Muslims are in a state of corruption, therefore, they must be saved from that corruption by the liberation of Islam.  According to Muhammad, Muslims are holy and non-Muslims are unholy.  This is not based upon a set of commandments. Islam does not have a list of moral tenets.  What Muhammad did is moral, and what he did not do is immoral.  Young Americans are to learn from the 7th grade that they are inferior to Muslims.  That is why that statement is in the textbook.

All around him (Muhammad) saw greed, corruption, and violence.”  p.452  My World History (Early Ages)