When you is article on this subject, we might keep in mind that most individuals on school boards are usually college/university educated nowadays. And so one wouldnaturally tend to believe that the school board is for the most part able to make reasonably sound decisions, and which are based on sensible reviews regarding what is best for our youth. In some locations, just one complaint can cause a reversal of a board or political decision if properly worded, and yet here we have 14 complaints and yet the school board refuses to use common sense or take the complaints seriously.
The question we should all be asking ourselves, is why reasonably well educated people would oppose their fellow citizens on a controversial issue like teaching or explaining Islam inside our schools. That is,when all other religions and forms of religion are banned from doing that very same thing!
A possible explanation for the acceptance by the school board on such a controversial issue as Islam in our school system, is that we have a couple of members of the school board, who are truly good hearted Christians and who believe that Muslims are being discriminated against in the USA. And so theybelieve because of their Christian teachings and values, they should allow for this ignoring and flauntingof the law in order to appease or at least be fair to Muslims.
A couple more of them might be true Liberals, who are eager to see the end of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and so will support any ideology that opposes the norms and values within our culture andsociety.
The rest of the school board members remain a puzzle as to why they would oppose their ownconstituency for 7 long months. While we all realize that they could have been bribed or threatened, oreven feared being labeled as racists, Islamophobes, or bigots which by the way is the most usedlabeling term. But regardless of the reasoning being used by the school board members, it seems verystrange that so many of the school board members would approve of such a program and continue to support it, and particularly when opposed by sufficient numbers to have the unlawful program discontinued.
So why are they doing it? And why was the Governor of Illinois attending a prayer session at the end of Ramadan with the Muslim groups? And why does the USMC have one building on Quantico, VA set aside for only Muslims, while all other religions and religious denominations use the same buildings?The questions go on and on, and we have yet to find or hear sensible or practical explanations for much that is going on, other than not wanting to offend demanding people who for the most part are foreignersin our country, and who are trying to change us to their beliefs and ways rather than even thinking ofassimilating or joining with us.
The answers my friends isnt blowing in the winds, instead it is simply because we have so many naïve, gullible, and some of the just plain stupid people, who are easily convinced that Islam is merely a bother religion to Judaism and Christianity, and so find those who are critical of Islam to be sort of bullies rather than American patriots. I doubt that any member of the school board could explain what Islam is really all about, or what the three main books are that comprise that ideology and religion, or the brutal history of Islam. Yet there they are voting for things they know little or nothing about, and for reasons that defy bothreason and common sense.