If one looks at historical records left by leading Muslim historians and rulers, the claim that Hindu-Muslim disharmony never existed before the British engendered it, appears furthest from the truth. Regrettably, the unavoidable truth is that religious tolerance and harmony between Hindus and Muslins hardly existed ever since the Islamic invaders set foot in India. Inspired by the edicts of the Quran and Sunnah, Hajjaj sent Qasim with a 6,000 strong army toward India, instructing him to kill all able-bodied men and to enslave the women and children in the course of his conquests.  After capturing Debal in Sindh, Qasin’s army massacred the residents for three days. Qasim slaughtered tens of thousands of Indian defenders and enslaved their women and children on a grand scale, a few hundred thousand in all, during his three year stint in Sindh. In addition, temples were demolished, sculptures and idols shattered, and mosques built in their stead.

Islamic Jihad  A lLegacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism , and Slavery  by M. A. Khan p.194