Islam is submission to Allah and Muhammad. Fairness is submission. Equality is submission. Justice is submission. On the other hand, the basis for Christian justice, equality, and fairness is the Golden Rule. Do unto others as your would have them do unto you.  There is no golden rule in Islam, because a rule for every person is impossible in Islam. Islam divides the world into believers and non-believers or Kafirs. Non-Muslims (Kafirs) are never equal to Muslims and do not deserve fairness or justice.  Therefore, in this thinking, to a Muslim, it would then be unfair to make a non-Muslim equal to a Muslim in any way. This same principle applies to fairness and justice. Fairness, justice, and equality are in a different universe of thinking to the Muslim. For Example: When a Muslim demands and gets special rights over non-Muslims, we see that as unfair; but to the Muslim that is fairness. When Islam gets 44 pages in a textbook, we see that as unfair when Christianity gets only 18 pages. But to the Muslim that is fair because Christians are Kafirs and do not deserve to have any pages in any textbook. Unlike the Muslim, we do no think of fairness, justice, and equality as having dual meanings for one group and another because we do not divide humanity in believers and non-believers. Muslims live in an alternative values universe were up is down and inside is outside. Dualism is the key to understanding fairness, justice, and equality in Islam.