No Justice for Rape Victims in Islam

I am just amazed that any human being could be so cold-hearted and ignore the abuse Muslim women are forced to endure from the opposite sex. It is especially appalling that American feminists are unwilling to stand up for these poor females who are treated like subhumans. How can they call themselves feminists when they continue to allow these women to be so abused? 

It’s rather ironic that the only people who are willing to take a stand on behalf of the mistreated Muslim women are also the ones who are called Islamophobes for exposing the evil of the Islamic religion. These women are Muslims too, and we should live by the Golden Rule and fight for justice for them. God’s heart breaks for them, and so should ours.

Read from Atlas Shrugs:
Islamic Law: woman forced to choose between marrying her rapist, or 12 years in jail for adultery
“Let us understand the subjugation of women under Islamic law, and how these monstrous stories of oppression and subjugation are merely the stuff of daily life for women living under the sharia.
In Islamic law, the emphasis is not so much on the crime of rape but on the shame that the woman has brought upon her family by her sexual immorality, even if it was forced. So that shame can be washed away by her marrying the rapist.
Islam’s emphasis is wholly and completely upon women as having the responsibility not to tempt men. If they do, and the man rapes, it’s the woman’s fault. So this ruling is of a piece with the wearing of hijabs, burqas, etc.
Islam teaches that women are the possessions of men and places a high premium on virginity. This woman after the rape would be considered damaged goods. If the rapist had declined to marry her, her life would have been completely ruined, as no one else would marry her and she would be stigmatized.
Sisters In Islam, a Muslim reform group in Malaysia, has surveyed the plight of women in the Islamic world and estimates that as many as 75% of women in Pakistan who are in prison are there because they were raped. Islamic law requires 4 witnesses (male Muslim witnesses) who saw the act to establish it, so a woman’s accusation can be self-incriminating if she doesn’t have those witnesses.
The 4 witnesses rule comes from the Qur’an (24:4 and 24:13). It is based on an incident in which Muhammad’s favorite wife, the child bride Aisha, was accused of adultery. Rather than see her stoned to death, Muhammad got a revelation that four witnesses were required (the accusers didn’t have them). This exonerated Aisha, but Muslim women have suffered as a result of this law to this day.