“The final factor in the muslims’ success was the appeal of Islam itself. It emphasized equality of all believers. It stressed fairness and justice in human affairs. For these reasons and others many non-Muslims chose to convert to Islam.”  p.462 My World History (Early Ages) 

Was this textbook written in an alternative universe? Islam is none of these things to anyone. First, equality of all believers? Ask a Muslim women, if she feels equal to a Muslim man. Maybe equality among men, but everyone else is not equal. It stressed fairness and justice in human affairs? Slavery is fairness. Raping female captives is fairness in human affairs? Selling people into slavery is fairness in human affairs? A women can only inherit one half of what is given to the man. A women’s testimony in Islamic court is is only good if two other women agree. Nine year old girls are forced into marriage. This is fairness and justice. Women can be beaten by their husbands. Women must perform sex with their husband on demand. A women has one husband, but a Muslim man can have four wives. Non-Muslims have no rights in an Islamic court. Just to get started today.