In Islam, what is fair is what Muhammad said was fair. In Islam, what Muhammad did was justice. But never before Muhammad in the history of the religions of the world is fairness and justice based upon the action of one man who was not perfect in many was. However, the Quran does say that Jesus was the only perfect man. The Bible gives the Ten Commandments as a standard for fairness and justice for all men, not just Jews and Christians. Muhammad made up his standard of fairness and justice as he went along in life -that was convenient. Only Muhammad heard the the fairness and justice from Allah. And in a few cases in the Quran Muhammad changed his mind. The justice of the verses written in Mecca was very different from the justice of the verses written in Medina. Islam could be called fair and just if you only read the Mecca verses. The verses of Medina are not fair and just. There is a dual system of justice and fairness for different people in Islam. One set for Muslims, and one set for Non-Muslims. When applied to everyone, a dual system of opposite standards is by logic unjust and unfair .