“Islam offered followers a direct path to God and salvation.”  p.462 My World History (Early Ages)

“Followers” meaning those who believe Allah is God and Muhammad is his Prophet.

“Offered followers” does not mean that everyone gets it, but just that it is offered. As proven by the first post under the Textbook Quote of the Day (August 4 2012), many do not get a direct path to salvation -unless we spiritualize these words into abstract meanings. Remember these are 7th graders reading this sentence.

“Direct path” The only way this is true to Islamic believers is for the believer to die as a martyr. According to the Quran, the only single way to go directly to heaven is through martyrdom. How many Muslims achieve that? This sentence and statement is very vague and cryptic. The sentence sounds very good, acceptable, and appealing because that is the purpose of its deception. And this sentence gives the reader the impression that all other ways (religions) are not direct paths to God and Salvation. It would take a Philadelphia lawyer, a Theologian, and an Imam to understand what this sentence really means. So what is it doing in a child’s textbook?  The answer is? Islam is to predominate over all other religions.