The Islamic Section of this textbook makes the false claim that Islam gives Muslim believers a direct path to God and Salvation. As we have discovered (see previous posts), that claim is not true using Islam’s own teachings. But in general, any path to God and Salvation (Heaven/Paradise) that proceeds along a trail of good conduct or good works by humans can never be a direct path to eternal life with our Creator. Islam does not believe in original sin, but beyond that, the ability to do more good works than evil deeds is honesty impossible for any of us. A truly direct path to God is only possible if the path is based upon God’s grace and unconditional love and mercy. Christianity taught by Jesus (Devine Son of God) is the only religion that freely gives a path, which is based upon faith alone in Jesus who is God and died to remove all our sins. In this textbook within the Christianity Section, faith by grace alone is never mentioned in the description of Christianity. And yet, this is the most basic teaching and fundamental center of the entire faith of Jesus.