Very strong anti-Christian worldview that presents a very strong rivisionist history where Christians are portrayed as Muslims in their theology and Muslims are portrayed as Christians thus extolling athe false religious views of Islam, further marred by a strong negative attitude against organized religion, including some anti-Christian and anti-Muslim content, and works righteous theology depicted as kind of a modern re-interpretation of knighthood and chivalry, with strong revisionist history concerning two of the leading male Christian leaders associated with the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, concerning one of the men’s wife and concerning Christian church leaders, including the patriarch of Jerusalem who is shown in a negative light that is historically false (apparently, it was the Jerusalem patriarch instead of the protagonist, Balian of Ibelin, who urged that the city sue for peace with Saladin, the Muslim conqueror of Jerusalem, but it was indeed Balian who successfully concluded the negotiations without further bloodshed); a couple crude references to fathering illegitimate children; very strong action violence involving sword fighting, cavalry charges and Saladin’s final successful siege of Christian Jerusalem in 1187, including blood spurting, at least three men stabbed in neck with blood shown, boiling oil poured on soldiers, fiery catapult ammunition sets buildings and people on fire, protagonist burns and kills priest who desecrated his beloved wife’s grave, leprous man’s bloody hand and contorted face shown; implied adultery after couple shown embracing; upper male nudity; drinking wine; and, dissension among Christian Crusaders and movie argues in favor of Christians, Muslims and Jews to stop fighting over the holy sites in the Holy Land, but to share the land together, in peaceful coexistence.