Posted on November 24, 2008 8:17:49 PM EST by Free ThinkerNY

In hopes of meeting the needs of Muslim students, a foot-washing station was recently installed in Minnesota State University’s Centennial Student Union.

“What we try to do around this building is provide things that make all kinds of groups of students feel comfortable,” said student union director Laurie Woodward.

The idea was brought to the Student Union Board several years ago, but it wasn’t until the renovation of several bathrooms on the second floor that the space became available.

The station was paid for entirely through student fees. Woodward said anyone is welcome to use the room even though it was put in to serve the religious needs of Muslim students.

Hassan Mohamed (foreground) and Kamran Changezi wash their hands and feet before prayers in a new foot-washing station in Minnesota State University’s Centennial Student Union. Pat Christman / The Free Press
Foot washing is a rite observed by several religious groups. Muslims are required to perform foot washing in preparation for ritual prayer and before handling and reading the Quran. Many Muslims pray five times a day, and each time they wash their feet, hands, head and face. This process is called “wadhu.”

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