“After doing a little research I discovered that Islamic authorities agree that foot baths are not required to fulfill their washing rituals prior to prayer and that provisions have been clearly defined. According to Islamic Law, you have a symbolic washing alternative or you can wash in one location and pray at another and this one washing can last you through an entire days prayers.

In addition, I have also discovered that provisions were made to “make up” prayers to accommodate people at work or school, allowing prayers to be postponed.

In light of these facts, one has to ask what the intentions are for requiring special accommodations through tax-payer dollars. Could this be the tactic they are employing to increase their visible presence in the United States? In the CIA World Factbook published in July of 2007, they reported that the Muslim population represents only 0.6% of the US Population, while Christians reported at 78.5% and Jews reported at 1.7% and yet they are demanding that our President refer to Judeo-Christian AND Islamic faith, claiming equality and weight within our country.

Next time we hear an Islamic organization demands or receives special accommodations, I hope this report will cause people to pause and ask for the facts that support their “requirements”, that we will take the time to investigate, and will have the courage to debate the issues without intimidation.”

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