Parents: Be alert to the fact that teachers sometimes use comic books to teach reading. Watch out for this comic book, especially in the elementary grades.

Muslim superhero, victim of “Islamophobia,” to join “Green Lantern” comic book series

The latest hero for DC Comics was inspired by the diverse background of its creator.
Chief creative officer and writer Geoff Johns used his Lebanese ancestry and childhood in the Detroit suburbs to shape the comic label’s most prominent Arab-American and Muslim superhero yet.
The story begins with the character’s family watching the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the suspicion and ostracism that followed for many Muslims and Arabs.

The truth doesn’t need propaganda efforts: it is manifest. It is the Big Lie that needs constant reinforcement, constant repetition, because otherwise it would collapse under the weight of its own unreality. And so the proponents of the concept of “Islamophobia” have constantly to nag at us, and to insinuate themselves into every possible quarter, even children’s comic books, to push their fictional idea that Muslims are victims in the United States, where in fact they enjoy greater freedom here than they do in Muslim countries. But the goal of the victimhood game is to deflect attention away from jihad and Islamic supremacism. The creators of Simon Baz, wittingly or unwittingly, are abetting that victimhood mythology, and its sinister goal.

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