Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial this summer, just fifty miles away, I came away feeling hollow. The Memorial sets in a hollow, and hollow is its voice. The road to the site was forever descending –appropriate. As a historian, I loved the details, but the gut was gone, and the dark shades of the memorial and the landscape gave me the feeling of being sucked into a black hole. Although a beautiful pleasant day in Western Pennsylvania, it was chilly cold. The site is not finished, but yet it is already finished, if the heart and soul is not put back into it. The gut of American, Christian, Freedom-loving, Self-sacrifice, “in your face of evil” is not there. If you go there, your hollow will only be filled with sadness. And as you leave, at the highest point of our newest Nation Park, you will pass the area set aside for a shrine to Islam, (the Tower of Wind Chimes) –coming soon. No bells aloud, Sharia Law is compliant there. But what should we expect, The Flight 93 Memorial is a “textbook example” of the textbooks of our schools.