First, let’s just look at the obvious distortions in the article. There is not a single mention of the elephant in the room –the textbooks. In the Pittsburgh area, our public school, textbook outrage broke out in the spring of 2012, and the Trib in two major articles covered this issue. But still, no mention of the textbooks. But you know, it is a media political template, so there is no need to up-date the information –just recycle it.
Second, the major sources of information for the article are public school teachers and a Muslim. The opinions of parents or Christian ministers are omitted from the article. What happened to telling both sides of the story? Teachers are always going to tell us that everything is just perfect in schools. And the Muslim representing CAIR is certainly not objective. CAIR is a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood, and was a co-conspirator in the funding of Hamas.

Now, let’s unpack the specific quotes to analyze the distortion and whitewashing of this article.

“If we want our students to solve future problems, they must have a strong understanding of world religions,” said Doug Kirchner, (Translation) The strong understanding they want to teach is that world religions are always the biggest problems of the world. Every liberal knows this –right. A more accurate understanding of world religions is a better goal.

“With the school year set to start in a few weeks, several schools are adding classes or revamping curriculum to give students a more in-depth look at world religions, including Islam. (Correction) After years of telling us that religion (Christianity) should not be taught in the schools. Educators now tell us we need to learn in depth about Islam. Create a void and then fill it with what the progressives want.

“The 9/11 hijackers were Islamic terrorists, but educators said they are taking care not to stereotype the faith.” (Fact-Check) The textbooks have no problem stereotyping Christians as imperialistic murders, and yet they want us to believe this rhetoric.

“Teachers at Sewickley Academy attempt to “depoliticize” the subject of Islam by focusing on its history in classes like world religion at the senior school and East Asian Studies at the middle school.” (Reality) Islam is 20% religion and 80%. politics. If the above were true, Islam could be taught in one day. What is taught is politics disguised as religion.

“The school conducts assemblies acknowledging certain holidays including Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting when Muslims avoid eating and drinking during daylight hours. This year, Ramadan began Aug. 1 and will run through Aug. 29. (Promotion) Islam is less then 1% of our population, and yet they get a full assembly in school. Most Districts do not have a single Muslim in any of the schools.

“Students at Greensburg Salem High School first learn about Islam in grade six when they start to study the Crusades as part of an international studies unit.” (Indoctrination) If the teachers use the textbook, the students will be taught that the Crusaders were evil invaders of Muslim lands. That’s a good start.

“Lehman said before 9/11, the topic of Islam had never been mentioned in Greensburg Salem’s U.S. history classes. The event forced educators to increase teaching of current events.” (Misguided) As a former history teacher, I have learned that current-events are a political snake pit. But some teachers love to use currents-events to inject their own political opinions about history. There is a reason why modern history was not taught in public schools. The more modern the history, the less objective a teacher can be. It takes at least one generation to be able to look back on a historic event with objectivity. If you learn history correctly, you don’t need a current-events class.

“Dreger said, the lessons will not focus on the terrorists.” (The Master Plan) Islamists do not want the students to see that the terrorists were faithful, true-blood Muslims. Islamists want Islam taught in a whitewashed form.

“There are radical groups within Islam, there are radical groups within Christianity,” he said.” (Propaganda) Where are these radical groups in Christianity? Some groups and people may call themselves Christian, but they do not follow the teachings of Jesus. Radical Muslim terrorists are following exactly the teachings of Muhammad who was a terrorist himself. Just as the Islamists desire, this becomes a shell game of identities to those who know nothing about Islam. If you read the actual writings of Anders Behring Breivik (Norway’s mass murderer), his twisted thinking does not even come close to the teachings of Jesus. The murderers of 9/11 were totally consistent in beliefs with Muhammad.

“Talking about the small percentage of Muslims who are extremists is best saved for advanced politics and history classes, he said.” (The Truth) Polls have revealed that 60% of all Muslims support the actions of terrorism for the just cause of Islam. Muslim extremism is the norm not the small percentage. Hidden is the fact that Muslims all over the world celebrated in the streets the murderous attack of 9/11.

This article fits the template that is promoted by liberals and “dhimmis” throughout all the media. Muslims are not bad, but just misunderstood. Christians are just as bad. 9/11 is a good opportunity to learn about how good Muslims are, and maybe throw in a few atrocities by Christians just for balance. After all, education today is foremost all about learning how to “get along with one another.” Historical facts just get in the way of that. Anything negative spoken about Islam would be hate speech according to Sharia Law.