Islamic Scientific/Cultural Cannibalism

Over the centuries of history, Islam has conquered many cultures. In doing so, they cannibalized the achievements of that culture and laid claim to them as their own. Cordoba is a prime example of this an thus a source of fictional history. Being out number in the culture, the Muslims established a servant class (dhimmis) to be able to operate the country and rape its riches. By changing all the names of the inhabitants to Arabic, any advancements in science or art were then disguised as Islamic. For example in modern times, the USSR (Russia) invaded East German and captured Germany’s top rocket scientists. The result was the first satellite to circle the earth. This was not a Russian achievement, but a German achievement by captured German Scientist. Logical evidence that this is true with Islam is the proof of the fact that after two generations in a culture all scientific and cultural achievements declined within those cultures cannibalized by Islam. Even today, oil rich Arab Countries hire Americans to come and build up their science and architecture and claim it as their own. There never was a Golden Age of Islam. It is a Myth.