In order to keep up the pretext of a religion of peace, in front of the continual reality of violence, the disconnect must be covered with a continual condition of being offended. The average common mind thinks that if a very religious man is offended, that man has a right to react violently. This then justifies the violent reactions of that man.

But this is all an Islamic game that Muhammad used from the beginning. Muhammad said that the Meccans had persecuted him and offended him. This was the first pretext to raid their caravans and finally capture their city. What he really wanted to do was cover the fact that he lusted to steal, kill, and rape as many people as possible to advance his agenda.

Example: The Palestinians are not a people. They are a fabricated people invented to be able to create an offense or injustice justifying Muslim terrorism against the Israelis. The United States is attacked also on the pretext that it is evil and has offended Allah. Therefore, Muslims have a right to attack America wherever America is in the world. This is a psychological game to prevent anyone else from even challenging them at their violent activities. Appeasing this mental religious mind set only encourages it. It’s the old your made me do it trick. You made me do that, or the devil (anyone who opposes them) made me do that. Muslims veil the aggressive nature of their religion by hiding behind a continual state of being offended.

The prayers, the foot washings, and the delicate treatment of the Quran are just a show to project to non-Muslims an appearance of holiness. Being so holy –in their mind and in the mind of the victim- gives them the right to be offended to the extent of violent reaction.

It is becoming very clear that the video of Muhammad was not the cause of the recent murder, torture, and violence. The video of Muhammad was just the pretext –the so-called offense- to cover the hidden plan of attacking the U.S. on 911. To go alone with that false pretext is to just encourage more violence and give justification for more violence.

Islam is not a religion of peace, and the only way to believe this is to submit (Islam means submit) to this religious mind game of “you made me do it.” Islam has never been a religion of peace ever since Muhammad invaded Madina after leaving Mecca.