The Myth of Islamic Inventions: 1001 of them

The current exhibition of “Muslim inventions” at the South
Kensington science museum is an absurd example of deception,
misrepresentation and falsification of history in order to appease the ever
growing Third World colonisation of our country.
Under the title “1001 Inventions – discover the Muslim heritage in our
world,” the exhibition claims to reveal all the contributions which Islam
has made to civilisation.
Central to the exhibition is a model of a wooden water wheel. Please forgive
the pun, but is this really so revolutionary?
Then there is a picture of a stone arch originating some 2000 years BC.
Sources show that the earliest known arches did originate in Mesopotamia,
which would correspond to modern day Iraq, Syria and Turkey. However, since
Islam did not arrive until 570 AD, this invention is not Muslim.
An interactive display allows viewers to browse other ancient inventions
from the Muslim world.
Here you will see that coffee was apparently ‘invented’ by an Arab in the
ninth century. Invented? Are they serious? Coffee was developed by the Ethiopians.
Carpets first appeared in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East about 2000
BC but this is again pre-Islamic. In any case, how can carpets be an
Another exhibit is entitled “naming the stars.” Only, research tells us that
the Arabs translated the original names for the stars from a well-known book
by the Greek astrologer Ptolemy.
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