The Quran and other Islamic sources talk about people who have the same names as the people of the Bible. The Quran speaks about Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Mary, and Jesus. But when you examine the descriptions and actions of these people of the same name, you find they are not the same people of the Bible. By using the same Bible names, Muhammad attempted to legitimize his religion among the Jews and Christians. One account in the Quran tells us that Muhammad purchased from Jews verses from the Bible to compose his revelations. Muhammad heard many stories about Bible characters from the people around him and the Jews and Christians he met on his caravan journeys. Of course, he changed the story lines to fit his Islamic narrative. Textbooks quote these Bible names to students also to legitimize Islam in the minds of the children that are reading this propaganda. They never mention in the textbooks that the stories of these people in the Quran and the Bible are very different from each other.