“It is evident from the discussion so far that the Islamic invaders of India brought a totally different code of war, based on the Quran and the Sunnah. Contemporary Muslim historians inform us that, as a general rule, they used to slay all enemy soldiers on the battlefield. After the victory, they often fell upon the civilian villages and towns, often slaughtering the men of fighting age. They sacked and plundered the households for booty, and sometimes burned down the villages and towns. Of the civilian population, the Buddhist monks and priestly Brahmins, in whom the common people reposed heir trust, became special targets for extermination. The center of infidel religion and learning -namely Hindu and Jain temples, Buddhist monasteries were destroyed. The women and children were captured as slaves in large numbers. They kept the young and beautiful women captives as sex-slaves, others were engaged in household chores, and the rest were sold. The magnitude of the booty, the captives included, was a measure of the glory and success of military missions. When large numbers of infidels were slain. Saltan Muhammad Ghauri used to raise “victory-towers with the heads of the dead to celebrate the achievement.
By M A. Khan, Islamic Jihad