The report, written by Sandra Stotsky, former senior associate commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Education, described the “Arab World Studies Notebook” as “propaganda.”
The chapter written by Ms. Shabbas and Abdallah Hakim Quick claims that Muslims from Europe were the first to sail across the Atlantic and land in the New World, starting in 889, the report says.
“The idea that English explorers met native Indian chiefs with Muslim names in the middle of the Northeast woodlands sounds almost like something a Hollywood film writer dreamed up for a spoof,” the report says.
The current 1998 edition of the “Notebook” has “no evidence or documentation to support key historical ‘facts’ that serve to advance their political views or religious beliefs,” the report says.
“One can only wonder if this has ever been questioned by the teachers who use its materials, or if they feel they must agree to any claim made by Muslims as an ‘alternative perspective’ or risk being labeled insensitive, Eurocentric, or racist.”