Only a Department of State run by Dhimmis would operate an Embassy in Libya that way. A psychological Dhimmi is a person living in a non-Islamic State, that is suffering from Islamic “Stockholm Syndrome” A multi-cultural Dimmi is a person so indoctrinated into Islamic propaganda that they are prevented from seeing the enemy in front of their face. That Dhimmi has learned this indoctrination through Textbooks and Universities falsely promoting Islam as a religion of peace. Only these Dhimmis would prevent soldiers at a U.S. Embassy in an Islamic country from having live ammunition. Only these Dhimmis would not send security reinforcements to an Embassy requesting help. And then, only these politically correct Dimmis would excuse the murder and sodomy of our Ambassador with a movie about Muhammad that no one ever saw. This is the kind of national defense strategy that is the result of Islamic infiltration into our educational system. This is the fruit, this is the payoff for billions of dollars of Islamic investments into Universities and Textbook Publishers.