First Kind. A Dhimmi is a Non-Muslim that is a Christian, Jew or Zoroastrian living in an Islamic nation. This person exists under a protection treaty that allows them to “live” in an Islamic nation as long as they will willingly suffer under the restrictions placed upon their lives.

Second Kind. A Dhimmi can also be any Non-Muslim person living in a Non-Islamic nation who is psychologically suffering from Islamic imposed guilt. This guilt could be coined as Islamic Stockholm Syndrome. Because of this false guilt mixed with fear, a psychological Dhimmi becomes an apologist for Islam. This is similar to the situation where an abused wife defends her husband in public as a wonderful spouse. A Dhimmi attacked by an Islamic terrorist will blame themselves or other Non-Muslims for the attack. A Dhimmi of this kind will whitewash, lie, and cover up the evils of Islam with a pathological passion. This type of Dhimmi can be either ignorant or a willing accomplice to Islamic indoctrination and propaganda. This second type of Dhimmi fills the halls of Academia and sometimes the U.S. State Department. This second kind of Dhimmi is more dangerous to Non-Muslims than the terrorist.