Subjected to humiliation and oppression through the harsh conditions of Dhimmitude, later generations of Christians and Jews eventually submitted and converted to Islam. Similar to the oppression of communism in the 20th century Soviet Union, Christian and Jews gradually give up their religions in order to survive in the totalitarian system of Sheria Law. Dhimmitude was more or less oppressive depending upon the number of Muslims that invaded the country. Someone had to do the day-to-day, so until the majority of the population was Islamic, Dhimmitude took on a more tolerant form. But once there were adequate numbers of Muslims in the population to run the nation, the harshness of Dhimmitude went into full swing. Example: Today Egypt still has a small population of Coptic Christians, but now that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken control, Christians will gradually disappear. Upon the occasion of the frequently contrived offenses to Allah, Muslim rioters invade Dhimmi neighborhoods destroying property and accelerating this process of conversion to Islam. Eventually, Christians and Jews convert, emigrate, or are killed.