“A Dhimmi lives in fear of Islam but agrees that they will not resist political Islam and they will even support it. In return dhimmis can live safely. Dhimmitude is the mind of the dhimmi. Today we see our politicians, journalists and intellectuals play the role of dhimmis.”

The purpose of Dhimmitude was twofold: (1) to bring in money by the Dhimmi tax and (2) to slowly grind out the Dhimmi’s culture. This process worked really well. As a matter of fact, it was so successful that there is a black hole in history about Dhimmitude. No one studies this part of world history. As a result today in our universities the history of the Dhimmi is not taught and is never mentioned. In some divinity schools, which consider themselves sophisticated, the Dhimmi is discussed. However, what is said is, “Oh, the Dhimmi was protected.” It makes life as a Dhimmi sound warm and fuzzy like living in the arms of your father. And the question arises: protected from what and whom? What is not taught is how the Dhimmi was humiliated. When it is said that the Dhimmi was protected, it is the truth. To be protected as a Dhimmi means that as long as one kept paying the tax he would not be killed nor would his goods be stolen, unless there was a riot. In a riot no Dhimmi was protected.” by Bill Warner

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