As we saw from my post “Who own Palestine,” Palestine has had at least fifteen different owners over three millennia. The Jews and the Muslims having equally long possessions, with the Jews having the oldest possession in antiquity. From another previous post, we saw that Muslims have only a small religious tradition regarding Jerusalem. Jerusalem was never a capital of any of the Islamic Empires, while Jerusalem was the only capital of Israel and the only temple worship center of their nationhood. For the past 1400yrs. Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been inhabitants of Palestine. Following the two World Wars, more Jews than Christians or Muslims have immigrated to Palestine since the beginning of the 20th Century. Israel was created as a nation for the second time in history by the United Nations after WWII, but there has never been an officially recognized and declared Palestinian nation. Therefore, who came first the chicken (Israelis) or the Egg (the Palestinians) is historically very clear. Despite this, Government Public School textbooks typically ignore ancient Israel’s history, and promote the misconception that Palestine was always a Muslim nation.