By FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

“One particularly brutal practice was the mutilation of young African boys, sometimes no more than 9 or ten years old, to create eunuchs, who brought a higher price in the slave markets of the Middle East. Slave traders often created “eunuch stations” along the major African slave routes where the necessary surgery was performed in unsanitary conditions. Gordon estimates that only one out of every 10 boys subjected to the mutilation actually survived the surgery.”

Dhows were used to transport African slaves to India
This castration involved the amputation of all male genitalia. Many believe that such viciously victimized men generally lost all desires due to the trauma and the loss of testosterone production. The entire population of castrated males were used as harem guards. [10]

In India, the castrated African slaves were called “Khojas” and were employed to guard the harems of the lecherous Mughal rulers where thousands slave girls turned concubines lived. For example, there were 5000 concubines in the harem of Akbar.