“Despite his success, Muhammad was troubled by many things he saw around him, including the greed of Makkah’s wealthy citizens. He despised their dishonesty, neglect of the poor, and disregard for family life.”
“Discovering Our Past: A History of the World, Chapter 14, Lesson 1

Because he married a wealthy older widow, Muhammad was also a wealthy man, himself. As a child, he was a member of one of the wealthiest Makkah families. The other people of Mecca were no more greedy or dishonest then he. The people of Mecca did not neglect the poor or disregard family life any more than the people of any other Arabian town. This is an attempt to slant the minds of the children that are reading this inaccurate propaganda. Muhammad taught in the Quran that dishonesty with non-Muslims was acceptable. Recorded in the Quran, Muhammad captured non-Muslim families, separated them from each other, and sold them into slavery. This is an attempt to whitewash the true character of Muhammad and Islam. The growth of Islam was not the result of Muhammad’s compassionate desire for social justice and family values. That is historically not true. But from the beginning, social justice and moral family values has been a false cover-up of the true opposite nature of Islam.
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This statement is totally false. Mecca was not any more greedy, corrupt, and violent then any other Arabian town of that time.  And in general, Mecca was a very tolerant town toward other religions until Muhammad began Islam..  The shrine of the Kaaba housed over 600 idols of various religions with no conflicts among the worshipers. Muhammad grew up in the most dominate tribe of Mecca that profited most from the many worshipers of the shrine.

Author of “Religion of Peace” Gregory M. Davis writes on page 64, “To describe a man who freely engaged in war, slavery, mass larceny, assassination, massacre, and sexual intercourse with a child as “a moral and social reformer” who was “fond of children” defies comprehension.