The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the United States. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas,[1] it was originally known as Occupied Land Fund.[2] In 2007, federal prosecutors brought charges against the organization for funding Hamas and other “Islamic terrorist organizations”.

Its assets were frozen by the European Union[3] and U.S., and it was shut down by the U.S. government following the discovery that it was funding Hamas. The 2008 trial of the charity leaders was dubbed the “largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history.”[4] In 2009, the founders of the organization were given life sentences for “funneling $12 million to Hamas.”[5]

The organization’s website stated: “Our mission is to find and implement practical solutions for human suffering through humanitarian programs that impact the lives of the disadvantaged, disinherited, and displaced peoples suffering from man-made and natural disasters.”

The proof that Islamic charity is a lie.