What your children will never read in the textbooks about the Pilgrims and the Muslims.

By 1640, hundreds of English ships and over 1,500 British subjects were enslaved in Tunis and 3,000 in Algiers by Muslim Barbary Pirates

The Pilgrims had their own experience with Muslim Barbary Pirates.

On NOVEMBER 21, 1620, the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact and began their Plymouth Colony. In 1625, they filled two ships with dried fish and beaver skins and sent them back to England to trade for much needed supplies. So they went joyfully home together and had such fine weather that he never cast her off till they were well within the England channel, almost in sight of Plymouth. But even there she was unhapply taken by a Turkish man-of-war and carried off to Saller (Morocco), where the captain and crew were made slaves…Thus all their hopes were dashed and the joyful news they meant to carry home was turned to heavy tidings…

All credit and thanks for the above to Bill Federer and his American Minute emails.