As part of Islamic Cultural cleansing, as a result of conquest, Muslims over the centuries have practiced the desecration of Christian graves. However, this practice brought Santa Claus to Western Civilization.

“When his parents died, he used the wealth he inherited to generously give to the poor.
Upon hearing of a merchant who went bankrupt and that creditors were about to take his daughters, Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) threw money in the window at night to provide a dowry for the daughters to get married, thus saving them from a life of prostitution. When the father discovered who gave the money, Nicholas made him promise not to tell, as he wanted the glory to go to God alone.
This inspired the custom of secret gift-giving on the anniversary of Saint Nicholas’ death, which was DECEMBER 6, 343 AD. In the 11th century, Muslim Seljuks Turks invaded Asia Minor, killing Christians, turning churches into mosques and digging up the bones of Christian saints and giving them to dogs.
For protection, in the year 1087, the bones of Saint Nicholas were shipped to the town of Bari in southern Italy, thus introducing Saint Nicholas and gift-giving traditions to Western Europe.”
All credit for the above to American Minute, December 6, 2012, William Federer

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