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A group of students at a high school in Fort Collins, Colo. recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic on Monday over the school’s intercom, reports local NBC affiliate KUSA-TV.
The principal at Rocky Mountain High School, Tom Lopez, is standing by his decision to allow the unique rendition of the traditional expression of patriotism that millions of Americans know by heart.
This year, a Rocky Mountain High student group asked Lopez if he would allow them to translate and recite the pledge in various languages.
“We do say the Pledge of Allegiance on Mondays at Rocky Mountain High School,” Lopez told KUSA. “They had to go through me for approval, and I reviewed it pretty carefully.”
The maiden translation was into French, which perhaps makes some sense because France secretly helped supply the leaders of the American Revolution with troops and equipment.
Last fall, the student group recited the pledge in Spanish. The United States is home to several million immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries. Latinos account for about 20 percent of all residents in Colorado.
On Monday, the group of students delivered the pledge in Arabic.
“We have a tremendous amount of diversity in our school,” Principal Lopez told KUSA. “This is very American, not un-American.”
“When they pledge allegiance to United States, that’s exactly what they’re saying,” he added. “They’re just using another language as their vehicle.”
Community response to the recitation of the Pledge in Arabic and the other two foreign tongues has been generally positive, Lopez told the station. Not everyone is supportive, though. Some outraged parents have called and emailed the school expressing strong condemnation of the practice.
“I guess I’m getting worn down a little bit by how intense their sense of hate has been represented in some of the things they’ve written and said,” Lopez told KUSA on Tuesday.
Lopez also told the NBC station that he has no plans to back down. He suggested that the student group will likely be given the opportunity to translate the pledge into other languages.
He did concede, however, that it’s not a bad idea for students to repeat the pledge in English that day.

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Important events seem to happen around significant dates in history today maybe one of those dates for National Socialists (aka NAZI) and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a National Socialist organization that was founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1928 and joined forces with the Adolph Hitler in 1933 as they were bonded together by their mutual hatred of Jews. Muslim Brotherhood leader the Grand Mufti of Palestine worked during WW II alongside Hitler on the ‘Final Solution’ for Jews and provided several divisions of Troops for the Balkans to fight against the Russians during the war.
Following the war thousands of German Nazi officers and officials fled Germany for safe havens around the world. The perception by most is they all went to Argentina. This not true. A vast majority fled to the middle east and you may have guessed it by now to Cairo, Egypt where they were united with…..the Muslim Brotherhood. The linkage to the NAZI and the Muslim Brotherhood from 1933 until today is irrefutable all we need to do is look at the results of the Arab Spring, the events in Syria and now, Libya, North Africa and the Magreb all Muslim Brotherhood coordinated events. The Muslim Brotherhood over the years has given rise to terrorist organizations such as: al Qaeda and Hamas.
When Secretary of State Hilary Clinton testified last week before congress she was wearing the a green dress with black shirt. These are the distinctive colors of al Qaeda. Please note that Hilary’s deputy chief of staff is Huma Abedin. Huma’s parents are well known Muslim Brotherhood members. And yes so is Huma.

In the Middle East the Muslim Brotherhood is referred to as Arab NAZI.
Germany marks 80th anniversary of Hitler’s rise on January 30, 1933

The Associated Press
On the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to always fight for their principles and not fall into the complacency that enabled the Nazi dictator to seize control.

COMMENTARY: In Public School Textbooks, you will be hard pressed to find the connection of Muslims to the Germans of WWI and the Nazis of WWI. At best you will find a reference to their German alliance using the name The Ottoman Empire. Purposely omitted, the student does not know that this equates to the Muslim Empire. Muslims introduced to the Nazis the marking of Jews with the Star of David which had been practiced for centuries. Totalitarian birds of a feather always flock together.

“The Common Word” by Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi

How Islam has deceived the main line Christian Denominations in America into compromised partnership. The ELCA is one of the signers of a document stating that Quran and the Bible have common origins and content. This is totally false. Jews and Christians from the time of the first writing of the Quran rejected it as being inspired by God.

(ELCA) Evangelical Lutheran Synod of America’s ties to the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Brotherhood

Exhibit A:

The ELCA, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood


As the saying goes, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Who are the bedfellows of the ELCA?

Now we find that the ELCA is also very close with an organization called the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Here is some information about the ISNA:

  • “(T)he United States Department of Justice named ISNA . . . as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of a number of ‘entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood.’” (see here)
  • “According to columnist Rod Dreher’s interpretation of court documents, ‘ISNA is an integral part of the [Muslim] Brotherhood’s efforts to wage jihad against America through non-violent means.’” (see here)
  • “(T)he FBI has uncovered internal Muslim Brotherhood documents naming ISNA as ‘one of our organizations and the organizations of our friends.’” (see here)
  • “ISNA was created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood – a radical Egyptian movement that seeks to spread Shariah law globally – in the U.S. Many of those founders remain in leadership positions with ISNA. (read here) In the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case, the United States Department of Justice named ISNA, along with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the North American Islamic Trust, as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of a number of “entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood.”[13][14][15] According to columnist Rod Dreher‘s interpretation of court documents, “ISNA is an integral part of the [Muslim] Brotherhood’s efforts to wage jihad against America through non-violent means.”[16]

(If you would like more details pertaining to the Muslim Brotherhood, what they are and what they stand for, check out this article)

So with that information about the ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood, let’s look at relationship the ELCA has to the ISNA:

  • The national director for the Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) spoke to the 2011 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. (see here) The ELCA website quotes the ISNA speaker as saying, “(w)e have worked with your organization and leaders [and] we have seen this tireless leader of yours, who’s been here for hours and hours. But I’ve seen him in the corridors of power speaking the truth about issues … whether it is about peace in the Middle East or anti-Muslim bigotry in America. . . we are working together in shaping the new millennium.” (read here) The ISNA representative received three standing ovations from the ELCA leadership at the Assembly.
  • ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson said the following at the ELCA 2011 Churchwide Assembly,“I’m very pleased to now welcome an interfaith partner to this assembly. Dr. Sayyid Sayeed, is the National Director for the Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances of the Islamic Society of North America. He has become a close friend. We share a deep commitment to our growing relationship and dialog, but not just in dialog, in our working together to build a more peaceful and just world both in this country and in places of tension throughout the world.”(see here – plenary six)
  • Presiding Bishop Hanson turned to the ISNA representative and said, “ . . . I hope you hear both our warm response to your being here, but beneath that, the commitment to walk together.” (see here – plenary six)
  • The ELCA official website has the ISNA listed under a section called “Our Partners.” (see here)
  • The Islamic Society of North America lists and links to the ELCA on a page entitled “Our Partners.” (you can go to their website and find the link)
  • ELCA website links to the ISNA’s website. (see here)
  • The Rev. Donald J. McCoid, Executive for Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations, represented the Rev. Mark S. Hanson, ELCA presiding bishop, at an emergency interfaith summit called by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) (see here)
  • Rev. Rafael Malpica-Padilla, Executive Director of the ELCA’s Division for Global Mission and ISNA representative hold a press conference with other faith leaders. (see here)

The ELCA leadership is working with and partnering with the ISNA, an organization that is said to have very close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Exhibit B:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” ~ Romans 12:18

The office of ELCA Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations, in cooperation with the ELCA Global Mission, shares responsibility for an expression of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s relationships with people of other living faiths.

Study Guide for Discover Islam DVD Series ELCA synod offices, seminaries and members of our nationwide Lutheran Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Representatives Network recently received a generous gift from Discover Islam – USA: complimentary copies of a six-disc DVD series titled Discover Islam. This series, endorsed by the Islamic Society of North America, can also be previewed and purchased at

Through the leadership of the ELCA Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Muslim Relations, we developed a study guide for use with the series, authored by Carol Schersten LaHurd, Ph.D. The guide seeks to provide an interpretive framework, exploring how we, as Christians, might best approach and better understand each of the topics:


Exhibit: C

Interfaith press conference on Capitol Hill – Nov. 2, 2011 (photo included on website)

Interfaith leaders hold a press conference urging the United States to keep financial support for poverty-focused development assistance programs in the federal budget. The leaders held the press conference in front of the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

Rev. John McCullough (standing at podium), Executive Director and CEO, Church World Service, led the press conference.

Press conference attendees include (from left to right, standing in the semi-circle):

– Bishop Denis Madden, Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore
- Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
- Bishop Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Diocese of Maryland of Episcopal Church
- Bishop Adam Jefferson Richardson, Second Episcopal District Bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church
- Galen Carey, Vice President-Government Relations, National Association of Evangelicals
- Betty Israel, National Social Services Secretary, Salvation Army
- Rev. David Beckmann, President, Bread for the World
- Dr. Sayyid Sayeed, National Director for Office of Interfaith & Community Alliances for Islamic Society of North America
- Rev. Gabriel Salguero, President, National Latino Evangelical Coalition
- Rev. Rafael Malpica-Padilla, Executive Director, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Division for Global Mission
- Rev. Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock, Pastor, Canaan Baptist Church, New Castle, Delaware
- Rev. Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals
- Rev. Stephan Bauman, President, World Relief Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the

Exhabit D:

Sayyid Syeed, former Secretary General of ISNA, and current National Director of its Office of Interfaith Relations, is also on the list as a “records custodian” to testify about “bank records of the Holy Land Foundation.” Syeed is appearing as a representative of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), also named by the HLF prosecutors as a Muslim Brotherhood group and an un-indicted co-conspirator in the case. NAIT, a subsidiary of ISNA, holds the deeds to more than 25% of the mosques and Islamic centers around the U.S. What NAIT does not control, it attempts to acquire, even against the wishes of the mosque’s membership (free registration required) and sometimes by force.


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After forty years and 150 Billion dollars of Saudi grants to selected Universities, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even George Bush were silently indoctrinated by Islamic Educational Stealth Jihad. In the case of Hillary Clinton, this translated into a payday of action/lack of action and the cover-up of the accounts of the disaster in Benghazi. When the Embassy in Benghazi was attacked on 9/11 of 2012, Hillary’s distorted brain washed generation -duped by Islamic Studies Departments of Universities- could not believe that this event was just another bold attack by Muslims upon Americans. Why? Because according to Islamic Educational, Stealth Jihad (now in High School and Middle School textbooks), Muslims only react with violence when Non-Muslims have offended them. Therefore the brain washed elite, diplomatic class from Ivy League Schools could not believe that tolerant, freedom loving, peace loving Muslims would ever attack and sodomize one of our diplomats without due cause. So, in order to fit the manufactured, academic, dhimmi template, the fictional cause first promoted by Hillary and the State Department was an amateur video about Muhammad that no one in the Arab World ever saw before the attack. This Obama global foreign policy failure had to be spun in a different direction in order to avoid an obvious reality settling into their minds and the minds of the 2012 voter.
But, “What difference does that make now?”

Read on this Blog about 9/11 as now being reported in Public School Textbooks. Same old, same old.

Partners with State, Education departments on international initiative
by AARON KLEIN Email | Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

JERUSALEM – A Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program aiming to connect all U.S. schools with classrooms abroad by 2016. Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the organization, the Qatar Foundation International, was appointed in 2009 to President Obama’s White House Fellowships Commission. WND previously exposed that Gregorian served as a point man in granting $49.2 million in startup capital to an education-reform project founded by former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers and chaired by Obama. Documentation shows Gregorian was central in Ayers’ recruitment of Obama to serve as the first chairman of the project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – a job in which Obama worked closely on a regular basis with Ayers.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of Washington is exposed in “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”
Obama also later said his job at the project qualified him to run for public office, as WND previously reported.Connecting schools to fulfill Obama pledge The Qatar Foundation International, or QFI, in 2011 partnered with the Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to facilitate matchmaking between classrooms in the U.S. and international schools through something called the “Connect All Schools” project. QFI, funded by the Qatari government, explains on its website the initiative was founded in response to Obama’s call in his June 2009 speech to the Arab world in Cairo, Egypt, to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.” QFI relates how more than 100 U.S. schools and organizations have already connected on the interactive website. The stated goal of the initiative is to “connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016.” This is not the QFI’s first foray into the U.S. education system. WND reported last May the Qatar-based foundation awarded “Curriculum Grants” to seven U.S. schools and language organizations to “develop comprehensive and innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom.” QFI, based in Washington, D.C., is the U.S. branch of the Qatar Foundation, founded in 1995 by Qatar’s ruling emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Thani is still the group’s vice-chairman, while one of his three wives, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairs the organization’s board. Thani also launched Al Jazeera in 1996 and served as the television network’s chairman. The Qatar foundation is close to the Muslim Brotherhood. In January 2012, it launched the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics under the guidance of Tariq Ramadan, who serves as the center’s director. Ramadan is the grandson of the notorious founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al Banna. Ramadan was banned from the U.S. until 2010 when the Obama administration issued him a visa to give a lecture at a New York school. QFI, meanwhile, named several institutions after Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many regard Qaradawi as the de facto spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. The foundation instituted the Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi Scholarships and in 2009 established a research center named the Qaradawi Center for Islamic Moderation and Renewal. Qaradawi has personally attended scores of foundation events, including conferences at which he served as a keynote speaker. Qaradawi achieved star status because of his regular sermons and interviews on Al Jazeera.The Investigative Project on Terrorism documents Qardawi openly permitted the killing of American troops in Iraq and praised the “heroic deeds” of “Hamas, Jihad, Al-Aqsa Brigades and others.”
Obama, Ayers connection Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corp. charitable foundation, was appointed by Obama in 2009 as a White House fellow. Born in Tabriz, Iran, Gregorian served for eight years as president of the New York Public Library and was also president of Brown University. As Brown president, Gregorian served on the selection committee of the Annenberg Foundation, which funded Ayers’ Chicago Annenberg Challenge with a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years. Ayers was one of five founding members of the Annenberg Challenge who wrote to the Annenberg Foundation for the initial funding. Steve Diamond, a political-science and law professor and a blogger who has posted on Obama, previously posted a letter from Nov. 18, 1994, in which Gregorian, serving as the point man on Annenberg’s selection committee, asked Ayers to “compose the governing board” of the Challenge’s collaborative project with “people who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of Chicago.” Ayers and other founding Challenge members then recruited Obama to serve as the project chairman. WND was first to expose that Obama and Ayers used the project grant money to fund organizations run by radicals tied to Ayers, including Mike Klonsky, a former top communist activist who was a senior leader in the Students for a Democratic Society group, a major leftist student organization in the 1960s from which the Weathermen terror group later splintered. National Review Online writer Stanley Kurtz examined the project archives housed at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, finding Obama and Ayers worked closely at the project. The documents obtained by Kurtz showed Ayers served as an ex-officio member of the board that Obama chaired through the project’s first year. Ayers also served on the board’s governance committee with Obama and worked with him to craft project bylaws, according to the documents. Ayers made presentations to board meetings chaired by Obama. Ayers also spoke for the Chicago School Reform Collaborative before Obama’s board, while Obama periodically spoke for the board at meetings of the collaborative, the project documents reviewed by Kurtz show. WND reported Obama and Ayers also served together on the board of the Woods Fund, a liberal Chicago nonprofit that granted money to far-left causes. One of the groups funded by the Woods Fund was the Midwest Academy, an activist organization modeled after Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky described as teaching tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation. WND reported Jackie Kendall, executive director of the Midwest Academy, was on the team that developed and delivered the first Camp Obama training for volunteers aiding Obama’s campaign through the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.Camp Obama was a two- to four-day intensive course run in conjunction with Obama’s campaign aimed at training volunteers to become activists to help Obama win the presidential election.
Obama scholar linked to ‘Ground Zero’ imam
Meanwhile, WND reported Gregorian is closely tied to the Muslim leaders behind the controversial Islamic cultural center to be built near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks. Gregorian also serves on the board of the Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum. The museum is reportedly working with the American Society for Muslim Advancement, whose leaders are behind the mosque, to ensure the future museum will represent the voices of American Muslims. “[The Sept. 11 museum will represent the] voices of American Muslims in particular, and it will honor members of other communities who came together in support and collaboration with the Muslim community on September 11 and its aftermath,” stated Daisy Khan, executive director of the society. The Sept. 11 museum’s oral historian, Jenny Pachucki, is collaborating with the society to ensure the perspective of American Muslims is woven into the overall experience of the museum, according to the museum’s blog. Khan’s husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is the founder of the society as well as chairman of Cordoba Initiative, which is behind the proposed mosque to be built about two blocks from the area referred to as Ground Zero. With Gregorian at its helm, Carnegie Corp. is at the top of the list of society supporters on the Islamic group’s website. Carnegie is also listed as a funder of both of the society’s partner organizations, Search for Common Ground and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Gregorian was a participant in the U.N. body’s first forum, as was Rauf. Rauf is vice chairman on the board of the Interfaith Center of New York, which honored Gregorian at an awards dinner in 2008.
World domination
Gregorian is the author of “Islam: A Mosaic, Not A Monolith.” According to a book review by the Middle East Forum, his book “establishes the Islamist goal of world domination.” A chapter of the book, “Islamism: Liberation Politics,” quotes Ayatollah Khomeini: “Islam does not conquer. Islam wants all countries to become Muslim, of themselves.” Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is quoted stating it “is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet. Gregorian himself recommends for Muslims a system he calls “theo-democracy,” which he defines as “a divine democratic government” that, according to the book review, “would have a limited popular sovereignty under the suzerainty of Allah.”

CAIR Wants Public Schools to Close on Islamic Holy Days

A terrorist front group that bills itself as the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy organization is demanding that a major public school district in south Florida close twice a year to celebrate Islamic holy days.

Incredibly, the district’s Diversity Committee is seriously considering it and is holding special meetings to gather information before making the final recommendation. This is all going down in Broward County, which has the nation’s sixth-largest public school system and the second largest in the Sunshine State. The district has more than 258,000 students whose educations are being financed by American taxpayers.

Like most of the nation’s public schools, breaks in Broward County are secular so as not to favor or offend any religion. For instance, there is winter break around Christmas and spring break around Easter. Throughout the academic year there are also teacher planning days in which students aren’t present as well as federal holidays acknowledged by the government. Florida also has a state law to allow students to take off religious holidays without penalty.

Never the less, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, wants Broward to officially acknowledge two sacred Islamic days; Eid al-Fitr – the end of Ramadan – and Eid-al Adha, which marks the end of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Public school districts Massachusetts, New Jersey and Michigan have caved into the Muslim demand and one Maryland district is considering it.

CAIR, described by top FBI counterterrorism chiefs as an entity that not only promotes terrorism but also finances it, is behind the movement. This is outrageous because the group has extensive links to foreign and domestic Islamists, was a co-conspirator in a federal terror-finance case involving the Hamas front group Holy Land Foundation and is largely funded by Islamic terrorist-supporting countries. In fact, CAIR was founded in 1994 by three Middle Eastern extremists (Omar Ahmad, Nihad Awad and Rafeeq Jaber) who ran the American propaganda wing of Hamas, known then as the Islamic Association for Palestine.

None of this seems to matter to the chairman of the Broward school board’s Diversity Committee, Roland Foulkes, who was quoted in a local newspaper saying “this is about inclusive diversity, and the Muslim community has too long been excluded.” He added that Acknowledging Islamic holy days is “long overdue” to reflect the full diversity of everyone.

The superintendent of Broward County schools, Robert Runcie, opposes the idea but it could be out of his hands if the board votes to pass the Muslim holiday schedule. “If we do that for everybody and every cause out there, even though they’re all valid, we would literally have a problem squeezing in the number of instructional days we need,” Runcie said. A local newspaper columnist asks: “If we close schools for Muslims, do we close them for every religion that demands it? Do we close for the Wiccans?”

Commentary: Secular humanism first creates a religious void in Public Schools. It then fills that void with the Politically Correct religion of the day.

In the 70 percent of Texas public schools where a private curriculum has been installed, students are learning the “fact” that “Allah is the Almighty God,” charge critics of a new online curriculum that already is facing condemnation for its secrecy and restrictions on oversight.
The program, called CSCOPE, is a private venture operating under the umbrella of the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, whose incorporation documents state its independence from the State Board of Education of the Texas Education Agency.
Other reports previously have raised alarm over the curriculum’s depiction of the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act on par with the 9/11 attack.
According to documentation that has leaked out, the program describes the Boston Tea Party this way: “A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port. Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities. It is believed that the terrorist attack was a response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens.”
There also have been reports that the curriculum – contrary to recent Supreme Court rulings – says the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the right to bear arms, is limited to state-run organizations.
“The collective right’s advocates believed that the Second Amendment did not apply to individuals; rather it recognized the right of a state to arm its militia. It recognized limited individual rights only when it was exercised by members of a functioning, organized militia while actively participating in the militia’s activities.”
Now come concerns about what critics describe as a definitively pro-Islam bias.
The critics say the studies border on proselytizing.
In one scenario, students are asked to study the tenets of Islam, and critics say the materials provided exceed impartial review of another faith, extending into requirements of conversion and moral imperatives.
A computer presentation utilized as part of a study of Islam includes information on how to convert, as well as verses denigrating other faiths.
According to excerpts, under the heading, “Who Is Allah?,” students are told:
“Allah is the Almighty God.”
Muhammad is described as having become “disillusioned with the corruption in the city and the growing gap between the urban dwellers and the Bedouins (nomadic herders).”
But there is no mention of his documented sex activities with a child or his penchant for beheading entire indigenous people groups.
CSCOPE’s geography curriculum also is being scrutinized.
The debate carries national significance because of the influence Texas has on textbook and curriculum publishers as the only state that adopts uniform standards.
CSCOPE advocates say that the volume of information to which students now have access outside the classroom necessitates the move away from textbooks.
“If they’re sitting in a classroom with a textbook, that’s not the world anymore,” said Anne Poplin, Education Service Center Region 9 executive director.
“We’re moving to Bring Your Own Devices. It’s a disadvantage (for children) not to have access to their devices. It’s not a textbook-driven environment. If it is, they’re behind,” Poplin said.
An estimated 70 percent of Texas schools already are involved in the program.
But one of the concerns is that state law requires textbooks to be reviewed by the board of education, and parents are allowed to have access, since CSCOPE is considered a private venture it operates independently of state or local school board oversight.
The state attorney general’s office has ruled that CSCOPE is a government organization subject to requirements of transparency, but because of loopholes in the Texas Public Information Act and Senate Bill 6, passed in 2011, CSCOPE has thus far been able to keep its content from public review. Even parents are denied access.


In all Islamic States, since 637 AD, under The Treaty of Umar, it is Sharia Law that Non-Muslims shall not gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on their person. (from Al-Turtushi, Sirj Al-Muluk, p. 229-30) All totalitarian ideologies such as Islam, Communists, and Nazis always ban weapons from those they oppress. In this case, these weapons were banned from Christians, Jews or any other Non-Muslims living in Muslim controlled countries. This is still the case today. Just one of the reasons why Muslims hate the fact that U.S. soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is against Sharia Law.

For more information on this topic, search on this blog Dhimmi or Dhimmitude