After forty years and 150 Billion dollars of Saudi grants to selected Universities, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even George Bush were silently indoctrinated by Islamic Educational Stealth Jihad. In the case of Hillary Clinton, this translated into a payday of action/lack of action and the cover-up of the accounts of the disaster in Benghazi. When the Embassy in Benghazi was attacked on 9/11 of 2012, Hillary’s distorted brain washed generation -duped by Islamic Studies Departments of Universities- could not believe that this event was just another bold attack by Muslims upon Americans. Why? Because according to Islamic Educational, Stealth Jihad (now in High School and Middle School textbooks), Muslims only react with violence when Non-Muslims have offended them. Therefore the brain washed elite, diplomatic class from Ivy League Schools could not believe that tolerant, freedom loving, peace loving Muslims would ever attack and sodomize one of our diplomats without due cause. So, in order to fit the manufactured, academic, dhimmi template, the fictional cause first promoted by Hillary and the State Department was an amateur video about Muhammad that no one in the Arab World ever saw before the attack. This Obama global foreign policy failure had to be spun in a different direction in order to avoid an obvious reality settling into their minds and the minds of the 2012 voter.
But, “What difference does that make now?”

Read on this Blog about 9/11 as now being reported in Public School Textbooks. Same old, same old.