In a letter to the editor (2/20/13), a local Pittsburgh Muslim wrote of his regret that a Christian Pastor in Iran was sentenced to 8 years of prison for preaching Christianity to Muslims. Sohail Z. Husain’s letter is titled “Muslims & tolerance.” Mr. Husain defends Islam as a religion of religious tolerance. Using a quote from the Quran, Sura 2:257 “there is no compulsion in matter of faith, because right is distinct from wrong,” Mr. Husain attempts to prove that Islam is a tolerant religion. Those who understand the correct interpretation of the Quran know that this verse has been abrogated or removed from practical application by later verses of the Quran. The Islamic rule is that later verses override earlier verses if the two contradict. The later verses of the Quran are never tolerant of other religions. The evidence of this we see every day in the news. But this is not a debate over the concept of abrogation.

The question is this. Are Mr. Husain’s understandings of the verses of the Quran ignorance, deception or a conspiracy with the media to present Islam as something it is not –tolerant?

Ignorance: Believe it or not, many American Muslims do not know what their own religion believes. They do not know the history of Muhammad and his actions. Many Muslims are Muslim in name only. Mr. Husain may belong to a peaceful sect of Islam, but his views of Muslim tolerance are not main line Islam.

Deception: The Quran teaches holy lying. If a Muslim is in a minority status in a population, Muslims are permitted lie to insolate themselves from any negative reactions.

Conspiracy: The American news media is invested in presenting Islam as a tolerant religion. The textbooks of the public schools advance this falsehood in every classroom. This letter to the editor is just another stealth jihad attack upon the minds of the American population.

My conclusion is that this letter is all three. Ignorance, Deception, and Conspiracy

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