For decades, from all over the world, with different religions, people came to America to become Americans. When I grew up in my town, we had the Italian part of town, the Irish part of town, the Hungarian, part of town. But after one generation of assimilation, all ethnic groups began to blend into the community. Christianity is a religion that can exist and assimilate into any culture or nation. Not so with Islam. Islam has no teaching in the Quran that promotes the idea of assimilation, unless that means you become a Muslim. Dearborn, Michigan is a perfect example of the opposite of American assimilation.


Islam is a political, religion that has the end goal of a global Islamic nation. This is why every Islamic organization has in their logo a world globe colored all green -the Islamic color of Jihad. Muslims will co-exist with Americans in a location only until their numbers are great enough to take over the region. All over Europe, the evidence of this is the many Muslim only regions of those countries. Muslims do not want to be Americans, unless America is an Islamic State. Do not be fooled, or we will loose our country.