Many may assume that Islamic white washing only happens in World History textbooks.  Not so.

I recently reviewed a commonly used High School textbooks titled U.S. History, Reconstruction to the Present.  On page 729, under a section titled Middle East Conflicts, the textbook states that Israel and the neighboring Arab Nations had been involved in four wars since the 1960s.  No where in the sentence or the paragraph is the truth told that the Arab Nations started all of these wars by attacking Israel.  Omission of facts is a consistent white washing tool of Islamists editors.

On page 786, the same textbook gives an account of the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001. In the three paragraphs covering this history, the words “Islamic” Terrorists” “Muslim” or “Jihad” are never printed.  Instead, the word hijacker is consistently used. Who these hijacker were is never clarified.  In just three years, students will be reading this textbook who were not born at this time in history.  How are they to know what really happened?

Search on this blog site for “9/11” posts and you will find other examples of textbooks that lie about this horrific event in American History.