Both the Muslims and the Israelis know that in the Quran and in practicing Islam, it is the will of Allah for a Muslim to break any treaty that obstructs the growth of Islam. Also, a treaty may be made to protect Muslims that are in danger for a time. Non-Muslims do not have the respect necessary for a Muslim to honor any word or treaty given to them. However, the appropriate dualism is expected. Telling lies to other Muslims is against Allah’s will. Rules of lying and treaty making are not the same in the practice of Islam for Muslims as for non-Muslims.

If the Israelis know this truth about Islam, why do they make treaties with Palestinians. The Israelis make treaties to demonstrate to the world of nations that they are civilized people. They make treaties to gain military support and aide from the Unites States. Muslims make treaties with Israel in order to break them and then appear to be the victims to the world. The Palestinians then receive military support and aide from Islamic Nations.

The first peace treaty ever made by Mohammad with non-Muslims was with the Jews of Medina which he quickly broke when it was to his advantage. And as always, Muhammad proclaimed that the Jews broke the treaty first. He repeated this strategy with Mecca a few years later.

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