When a parent scolds a child for bad behavior, the mother or father will say, “Bad, bad, bad boy/girl.

Well, it is time for Americans and all of Western Civilization to say, “bad religion, bad, bad religion to Islam. When the terrorism, torture, and evil of Islam is so evident in the world, why has this not been said?

Because for the past 200 years, Americans have been indoctrinated into believing that the only way to prevent religious wars is to declare that all religions are good, and then apply the same religious tolerance to all religions, as the only gold standard of our human development. That was not a bad idea in its time and place -Colonial, Constitutional America, and it certainly was needed after 400 years of the Christian denominations of Western Civilization fighting each other inside every European nation, since the reformation. But in this process of becoming more civilized, we lost the universal, historical truth that a religion can be a bad, bad religion. We lost the understanding that religions that bomb babies, torture, kill, rape, enslave, and behead are bad religions. Especially when those types of practices are a primary part of the basic teachings of that religion. Islam does not just have small, radical, violent elements within it. Islam has not just been hijacked by extremists. It was a bad, bad religion from the beginning. Muhammad was a murderer, rapist, thief, enslaver, and a terrorist. The Muslim writings of the Hadith and Sunna give evidence to this with pride not shame. The Quran teaches that these things are acceptable, when inflicted upon enemies of Islam. But no one wants to believe this or admit to this because it goes against the current grain of American tolerance. And anyone questioning the fictitious basis for that tolerance is Islamophobic. Bad religions that violate basic human dignity should not be tolerated -any where, any time.

Over the past 1400 years, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 40 million Jews, 120 million Africans, 10 million Buddhists have been killed by Muslims in the name of Allah. This is not a religion of peace. This is a bad, bad, bad religion. And the world needs to step up and say so.

Search this blog: “270 Million Killed” or “slavery” for more evidence for this false basis of tolerance.