Through the media and institutions of our country, for the past fifty years, the American Culture has been taught that everything is gray. (Liberalism, Multiculturalism) In this theory, everything in life, including good and evil, is a mix of black and white -gray. We have been conditioned to always look for the gray -not the black and white.  However,  applied to religion, gray becomes an indistinguishable mix of good and bad in everything. But for our protection against evil, sometimes things must be just black and white. Good Religion/Bad Religion.

Many animals that hunt or are hunted have black and white vision. Black and white vision helps animals kill or prevents them from being killed by other animals. Black and white vision becomes a matter of survival for these animals.

Artists that desire to emphasize shape and contrast will draw or paint in black and white. This helps the viewer focus on the individual objects presented. For that purpose, many professional photographers only print in black and white. If everything has a variety of colors or shades of gray, picking out specific objects becomes more difficult.

Religion is one of those things that is better understood in black and white. Good Religion and Bad religion.

There are some basic things in religion that must be viewed in black and white. Hate is black. Love is white. Revenge is black. Forgiveness is white. Slavery is black. Freedom is white. Lying is black. Telling the truth is white.

America will never see the religious predator of Islam coming, until we get back to seeing religions in terms of black and white.

This is a matter of survival. We need eyes that will see the enemy.