In Mecca, for the first twelve years of Muhammad’s religion -Islam, Muhammad preached, taught, and quoted the Quran. In that time period, Muhammad gained less than 100 followers.

When Muhammad moved to Medina, he departed from the path of a religious prophet and turned into a crime boss, community activist, political leader, and military commander.

Muhammad’s religion became success only after this change in his leadership direction. When Muhammad directed his followers to begin to ambush caravans, loot the merchandise, enslave the victims, and divide the spoils among the Muslim terrorists, Islam became a religion of organized crime.

Speaking of organized crime, did you know the word Mafia is taken from an Arabic word introduced to the Italians of Sicily, during the 100 years of Muslim opposition? We never hear about that contribution to Western Civilization in American History books. American World Culture textbooks often say that Islam grew quickly by trade. More accurately, by chasing after trade.

As long as, on fifth of booty was given to Allah (Muhammad), the theft of anything from a non-Muslim was encouraged. On the sands or on the seas, this is piracy. As a result, after three years in Medina, Islam grew from 100 to 10,000 men. All types of criminals, thieves, rapist, and murders suddenly came to faith in Allah.

Muhammad also introduced a protection racket. Non-Muslims who were not murdered, raped, or sold into slavery, and who were allowed to live and work among Muslims, were given a contract of protection from death -called Dimmitude. This was an extortion protection racket with a 50% income tax called the Jizya. Centuries later, the Mafia used this same model to build their crime families.

It is no wonder that the most successful recruitment of men to Islam is found in prisons. The Somali Pirates read their Qurans and decided to follow the Way of Muhammad. Islamic Terrorists Camps in the U.S. are funded by Muslim organized crime.

History repeats.